Morels Spring 2008
1 days Worth
Please send us copies of your photos of Freeman Township.  They can be of your house or view or family or whatever
you think is interesting or representative of our Township.  We will try to post most of them here and may very well use
select photos for the Comprehensive Planning Document.

Old photos of anything within the township borders, even showing people are especially  welcome.

Digital photos can be sent directly to

We do have the ability to scan photos and will return them shortly.

Please provide a short explanation with each photo.
Buck Creek 2003
Sampson Bro's
N. Buck Creek Rd
2006 Facing West
Sugar Creek Valley
2007 Facing NW
Buck Creek Ridge
Sugar Creek Valley
2007 Facing North
Ferryville 2006
Facing North
Buck Creek Ridge
2006 Hay Field
N. Buck Creek
Rd  2006
Freeman Township
Winneshiek Branch
S. From Dike
Kick-Off Mtg
April 7, 2008