Town of Freeman
Regular meeting minutes June 26,2017
The meeting was brought to order at 7:00 pm by David Olson .  All members present.
The secretaries report was read and approved.
Bills were reviewed.  Motion by Andy Novak, seconded by John Leirmo to pay the bills.  All yes
Discussion on fire protection for the municipality. Andy Novak questioned why the Ferryville Fire Department was not included in
the town ships fire protection.  Dave Olson will contact Larry Quamme to see if that is an option.
Discussion on New Horizon LP gas contract.  Dave Olson suggested contracting 2800 gallons.  John Leirmo made a motion and
Dave Olson seconded.  All yes
Discussion on the county ATV/UTV Ordinance hours of operation and speed limits.  David Olson made a motion, John Leirmo
seconded to pass the ordinance.  All yes
Sugar Creek Winery presented a liquor license renewal.  John made a motion, Andy seconded to renew the license.  All yes
Discussion on the proposed Campsite Ordinance.  Tabled passing the ordinance.  Dave Olson will contact Brad Smircina to
clarify questions on the ordinance.
David Olson stated the FEMA meeting was postponed until the following week.
David stated De Soto Ridge and De Soto Bluffs will be seal coated.  Frank Oimet will pay half of the $5600.00 bid for the seal
coat on Holstein Road.
We will double seal coat one mile of Buck Creek Road.
Doug Furhman stated that all the bridges on Rush Creek need to be looked at.
John Leirmo stated he had received complaints on overgrown bursh on roadways.
Next meeting will July 31 at7:00 pm.
Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm.
Meeting Minutes

Town of Freeman
Regular Meeting April 24, 2017 Minutes
The meeting was brought to order at 7:01 pm by David Olson. John Leirmo – present, Andy Novak – absent
The meeting was posted at the town shop, Ferryville Post office, and River Bank
The minutes from the 3/27 meeting were read and approved.
Bills were reviewed.  John Leirmo made a motion to approve – David Olson seconded.
Discussion on road repair – Lucason wants a turnaround for mailman; North Buck Creek – Sampson’s need to add 10 loads of
gravel and then the town can takeover ¼ mile of road when it is complete.
The bank is caved off at Don Warrens on Chelevold road – Dave Olson will look at the road.
Equipment repair – loader tire has a leak, Freightliner needs tires, Ford truck has broken leaf springs, fuel inspector was here –
passed inspection. Doug asked for a new first aid kit. Doug also requested a harness for working in the loader bucket.  There is a
crack in the windshield of the Freightliner – Dave will talk to insurance company.

Doug will check at Seneca for warning triangles,

Doug stated we need fuse kits for trucks.  The International truck needs work, we will take to Lafarge.

Four safety barrels are missing that belong to county. We need 8-10 tires for vehicles - Doug will check prices.

Kevin Bluske from Rural Ins attended the meeting to review the policy and coverage.  

Sacha Powell will purchase a laptop and printer for the treasurer’s position.

Next meeting will be May 30 at 7:00pm.

The ATV/UTV signs have been posted.

John Leirmo made a motion to go into closed session.  David Olson seconded.
John made a motion to go out of closed session, David seconded.
The decision was made to have the patrolmen keep a daily work activity log.
Meeting adjourned at 7:58pm.

Peggy Audetat, Clerk
Town of Freeman
Regular Meeting May 30, 2017 Minutes
The meeting was brought to order at 7:00 pm by David Olson. All members present.
The meeting was posted at the town shop, Post Office, River Bank, and NEI newspaper..
The minutes from 4/24/17 meeting were read and approved.
Bills were reviewed.  Andy Novak made a motion to approve. John Leirmo seconded.  All yes.
Paul Franzen from Sugar Creek Winery stated he would be renewing his liquor license.
Dave Olson stated he would be on a conference call with FEMA.  Dave Olson said FEMA will not approve work on the section of
Rush Creek road called “Deadman’s Curve” and the township will have to cover the costs.  Dave Olson will talk to county
commissioner and engineer to look at options for fixing the road.  The completion date for the lower project on Rush Creek is June
Public Discussion:
ATV/UTV sign down on Chelevold Road.  
There was a request for a culvert on a private road on N. Buck Creek.
There was a request for a deadened sign on Holstein Road.  David will order sign.
Peggy Audetat stated Bob Stevenson said he may not mow the cemeteries next year.
Lauren Sletten requested the township reimburse him $250.00 for his CDL.  Andy Novak made a  motion to reimburse him, John
Leirmo seconded.  All yes.
David Olson stated; Lawrence Ridge and Old Hwy 35 need repair.
Andy Novak suggested sending Stephen Kvigne and Sandra Anderson a thank you card and $50.00 each for their years of
service. John made a motion, Andy seconded.  All yes.
The next meeting will be June 26.
June 10th is the tire clean up at the Seneca Hwy Shop.
Andy Novak will check on other recycling options.
Meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.